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- Katarina SEKULARAC
Member European Parliament, Representative of the EU Delegation in Serbia.
Director of the Art Gallery SEKULARAC.

'' Great work with sophisticated feeling of colors, composition and balance. Striving for perfection through pure colors and emotions. I like it very much ! ''



- La Cité du Temps (the Swatch Group /, Geneva.

Christopher Schmitt depicts the beauty of the essential with geometric shapes, colors and innovative techniques.

'' His painting is the result of a creative evolution that has seen the artist himself invent and develop his own techniques, tools and colors. As he explains: "This work combines the craftsman's know-how with the artist's creativity", and his exhibited works are a vivid demonstration of this. Acrylics applied to handcrafted wood in unconventional formats sublimate the fascinating harmony of art and craft, the subtle balance between effect and intent. This approach is a matter of great precision and Christopher Schmitt makes no secret of it: "Proportions and harmony are at the heart of my work". Reminiscent of his former profession as a cabinetmaker or of his training at the Compagnons du Devoir?Vegetal veins, bio-morphic and placental elements, energetic lines and opaque or translucent lights come to dynamize, balance and complete a perfectly placed orthogonal geometry. The artist carried out a thorough research of the material before realizing his series of painting and there is no doubt that the photography of nature, early passion of the artist, is at the origin of the quasi-kinetic effects produced by this geometrical series: "I spend a lot of free time in the nature. Every year, I go to discover new alpine massifs and it is in these natural environments that I find my inspiration".The drawings on wood are striking in their intensity and purity. Each line, each brushstroke and tool is the result of a conscious reflection that gives power and beauty to simplicity. The graphics exude freshness, the textures arouse the senses and the colors defy categorization. These works ignore everything that is not the essence of the subject and its representation. Christopher Schmitt's training is rich: Geobiology with the architect Françoise Dautel, decorative painting with the Compagnons du Devoir and Positive Discipline in Geneva.In recent years, he has exhibited, alone or in group, in many cities in France and has enjoyed great success at two auctions in Cannes.In 2015, the Swatch Group in Geneva integrated the artist's work into its private collection.In 2009,, a famous online art gallery, awarded him a silver medal and in 2012 he participated in a high profile auction during the Cannes Film Festival. This sale was in support of an association that helps very sick children, their parents and caregivers.Very present in the regional and national media, magazines or newspapers, Christopher Schmitt was the subject of a 30-minute documentary produced by TV8 Mont-Blanc ''.

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